I have been very fortunate to travel widely and this has inspired my photography and challenged me to bring back images that capture the magic of the places I have been. I am currently offering two talks, focussing on two very different countries that I have grown to love.
Self-drive safari: Namibia

In 2019 I hired a truck with tents on the roof and drove around a large part of Namibia. Visiting the sand dunes in the South, Spitzkoppe, Cape Cross and finishing with time in Etosha National Park, the journey covers stunning landscapes as well as the rich diversity of wildlife. One of the most striking features of Namibia is the vast amount of space and wilderness, which leads to incredible views and beautiful night skies. Hiring your own vehicle and camping or staying in National Parks accommodation can greatly reduce the cost of trips like this - I have undertaken similar trips to South Africa (2013 and 2017) and happy to take questions on those too.
A year in Japan

In 2017-2018 I spent a year working in Tokyo and exploring Japan. The seasonal variation is highlighted by the famous cherry blossom in the Spring, the hot humid summers (and typhoon season), incredible autumn colours and the snow-covered winter wonderland of Hokkaido. Japan offers a huge diversity of experiences, with beautiful landscapes and wildlife, incredible cultural heritage and magnificent traditional and modern architecture amongst the hustle and bustle of the busy cities. I was very fortunate to be able to plan my trips to visit most of the regions of Japan and experience the different seasons along the way. I look forward to sharing some of the highlights with you.

Please contact me if you are interested in having me visit your club. If you are not a member but would like to attend, I suspect most clubs accept visitors (potentially for a small fee):
17th February 2021 - Namibia - Whitchurch Hill Camera Club
19th May 2021 - Namibia - Buckingham Camera Club
8th July 2021 - Namibia - Sale Photographic Society
9th September 2021 - Japan - New City Photographic Society
26th October 2021 - Japan - Chesham Photographic Club
17th November 2021 - Japan - Whitchurch Hill Camera Club
31st January 2022 - Namibia - Banbury Camera Club
14th March 2022 - Japan - Woodley Photographic Club
16th March 2022 - Namibia - Garstang Camera Club
27th April 2022 - Japan - Focus Ryde Imaging Group
15th September 2022 - Japan - The Newbury Photography Club
6th October 2022 - Japan - Wallingford Photo Club
31st October 2022 - Japan - Hayling Island Camera Club
8th November 2022 - Namibia - Stoke Poges Photographic Club
9th November 2022 - Japan - Buckingham Camera Club
24th November 2022 - Japan - Basingstoke Camera Club
29th November 2022 - Japan - Viewfinders of Romsey
8th March 2023 - Japan - Alton Camera Club
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